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Boxercise is a fantastic fun filled cardiovascular and conditioning workout based on Boxing and Kickboxing.

VFit has put its own spin on this internationally recognised giant by incorporating individual, team based challenges and activities designed to work you to your limits but because you’re having so much fun you don’t notice it.

This class is not to be mistaken for Body Combat or Aerobics, in Boxericse you get the opportunity to put on a pair of gloves and unleash your true inner beast on some pads.  Combining boxing combinations with body weight and circuit style activities you will work your way to a total body tone and the cardio capacity of a fitness king! Always finishing with the mighty ring of fire and or team hilarious team based relays believe ot or not designed for kids – you will giggle and grit your teeth right to the end of endorphins road.

Reap the benefits of a boxers body without actually having to fight.  A fun, friendly, hilarious class with cheesy Rocky type tunes designed to help you push further than you did the week before.

This kick-ass workout will allow you to work off the day’s stress and strain in a fun and safe environment….

Boxercise Classes Cornwall

What to expect

  • Jab, cross, hooks and upper cuts all explained
  • Footwork drills designed to make you light on your feet
  • Duck, bob and sweep your way to a wee waist line
  • Body weight exercises
  • Team games
  • Relays
  • Confidence in abundance
  • And…One hell of a Cardio workout
  • Come on your own or bring a partner

Who is this class suitable for?

All ages (12 yrs +) and abilities and all injuries and contra-indication catered for, believe us when we say everyone loves it – it’s amazing how many people need that stress relief at the end of a hard or tasking day.  Come and give it a try – we know you’ll love it 🙂

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  • Prices

    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (S/O) (3 months min)£35pm
    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (Cash)£40pm
    LIVE STREAMED Fitness Class 45-60 min£5.75
    Hot Yoga£10
    Yoga Classes£7
    LIVE STREAMED Fitness Class 45-60 min£4

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Loving bootcamp. Anyone thinking of trying it I say do it! I hadnt exercised since having my little one but this has given me the butt kicking to get going!
Charlotte Poole - Vfit Bootcamper