Butt & Belly Conditioning

Tone, Sculpt and grow sensational Ass and Abs under the fantastic supervisions of beautiful Britt. .

This conditioning class was created by our very own Britt Smaldon to trim, tone and sculpt those target areas we all struggle with.
It’s an original class, concentrating on your Glutes and Core. We know how hard it is to grow the perfect peachy bum so Brtt’s here to guide you through it with big compound exercises all sickening super sets.

This class won’t just include your regular squats, lunges and sit ups; we have ensured that we bring you a class worth working hard for, as we aim to incorporate exciting new exercises to shake up your bog standard toning class.

So if you’re looking to sculpt that elusive bubble butt and carve out the definition in your abs then this class is for you.

I'm actually enjoying exercise for the 1st time ever! Brilliant classes, fantastic instructors who really motivate. Cheers guys!
Tanya James - Vfit Member