Cardio Kicker

The Total Body Shredding class, turn up and let us take care of the rest! This class is designed to attack every aspect of fitness to give you a total holistic approach to health and fitness. Achievable for all ages, fitness levels so come along and let's get started.

Cardio Kicker is a basic cardio circuit with lots of different stations and lots of fun mid way challenges. Circuit training is suitable for everyone because everything can be adapted.

Who is this class suitable for?

All ages (12 yrs +) and abilities and all injuries and contra-indication catered for.

Cost: £5.75 for non members FREE for all other members

Booking & Cancellation: To book log in and click book, if you need to cancel go to ‘my bookings’ and click cancel class. We require a minimum of 4 hours notice of cancellation, failure to do see will lead to a £5.75 late cancellation fee.

  • Prices

    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (S/O) (3 months min)£35pm
    Vfit Membership - Unlimited Classes (Cash)£40pm
    LIVE STREAMED Fitness Class 45-60 min£5.75
    Hot Yoga£10
    Yoga Classes£7
    LIVE STREAMED Fitness Class 45-60 min£4

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Love it !! Vicky and Cath brilliant instructors they give you loads of encouragement ,work you hard but make it fun at the same time !! :)
Jo Bailey - Vfit Class Participant