WOTW (Workout of the Week)

Let the most highly trained instructor put you through your paces with strict lifting technique and functional multi plane movements.

Workout of the Week is a weight lifting based class designed by Trev Lampshire; different every week, Trev tackles strength through range of movement. Using a combination of gymnastics warm ups, concise traditional weight lifting techniques, Kettle Bells and other lifting techniques he will help you slow your lifting down, increase weight sensibly while tackling bad technique and posture leaving you with an injury proof, symmetrical body you can rely on.

Suitable for all ages and abilities – just book on and start sculpting that perfect strong posture today.

So happy about my progress!! Thank u so much vfit u r the best! ! Looking forward to getting a fitter more well toned body !! U lift my confidence !! Xxx all the best Billy :)
Billy Quitco - Vfit Member