Tuff Enuff May 2017

12:30 pm

27th May 2017

Tuff Enuff Races are extreme obstacle course races, designed by military experts.
The courses are purpose-built and designed to test your strength, stamina, fitness and nerve!


The course will truly test your body and your mind. The main race consists of over 30 natural and man-made obstacles, 12km in length and is designed to be fun as well as testing.

To book click here: http://www.active.com/cornwall-gb/running/distance-running-races/worlds-end-2017

Vicky is a very accomplished massage therapist. Being an athlete herself, she has a great understanding of the toll that training and everyday life can have on the body. The approach Vicky takes is not merely mechanical, but holistic, making treatment educational which is important for long-term health. Vicky is professional yet friendly, making me feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after treatment. I would highly recommend her to athletes and non-athletes alike.
Helen Ivey - Vfit Member