Fitness Classes Cornwall

  • WOTW (Workout of the Week)

    Let the most highly trained instructor put you through your paces with strict lifting technique and functional multi plane movements.

  • Vfit Hot Yoga Cornwall
    Hot Yoga

    Hot Yoga and Warm Yoga Stretch are both a fantastic way to regain lost flexibility, heal old injuries or ailments and to help realign physical imbalances allowing us to feel younger and live life to the full.

  • Warm Yoga

    Warm Yoga combines injury rehabilitation and some of the most important yoga poses to correct alignment, lengthening and strengthening muscles to enable a greater range of movement throughout your whole body leaving you feel freer, younger, fitter and stronger.

  • Metafit

    Metafit - the original body fat shredder! Get lean in just 30mins with this monster of a workout! Guaranteed to leave you shattered, exhilarated and buzzing for your next class...

  • Bar Bell Strength

    Squat, Press, Push, Pull, Lift and Squeeze those muscles in to shape. Sculpt, strengthen and injury proof your body while incinerating fat. Proven to create long lean muscles, reduce osteoporosis and increase general health and fitness.

  • Kettle Cardio

    Kettle Cardio mashes together all of the most important aspects of health and fitness in to this mighty 45min workout. Cardio, plyo, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance make up this homegrown Vfit belly busting giant. Moderate to hard intensity 16+ only. Unmissable!

  • Zumba Dance with Billy Q

    Wiggle and giggle your way a slimmer, sexier waistline while dancing to the best chart topping tunes of all time. Burn calories, build confidence and make new friends while learning the best dance moves ever! See you on the Dance Floor Ladies and Gents!

  • Blast FX

    This high intensity kick-ass workout from Blast HIIT is the fastest way to get real results in record time. VFit Instructors take you through a killer multi-peak cardiovascular workout.

Why Fitness Classes?

When you exercise with a group of people, there’s no room for slacking off. You’ll push yourself harder and faster than you ever would on your own! All of the Fitness Classes Cornwall Vfit offer are choreographed by the industry’s leading fitness providers, so you’re guaranteed quality and a complete work out.

Not only that but Vfit only offers the very best instructors. So whenever you see the Vfit logo you are guaranteed a fun, friendly and motivating workout that will leave you desperate for more. All Vfit classes promise to burn a minimum of 600 calories per session. So for the complete workout, just turn up to a Vfit class and let us take care of the rest.

Vfit Fitness Classes

Offering a hand picked selection of the very best tried and tested fitness classes from around the world. Specialising in a diverse range of classes from Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Pilates to Zumba Strong, Metafit, Body Pump, Kettle Cardio and Blast FX. Blast is the beast of all workouts taught and endorsed by all of the elite Vfit Instructor Team. This workout will incinerate fat via killer body weight exercises, plyometrics and mutli peak HIIT training.

Les Mills Body Pump has been crowned the World’s No.1 Group Exercise Class for over 25 years now. Created and started in New Zealand this insane weights based exercise class famous for it’s unique style of training called the ‘Rep Affect’ is guaranteed to shred fat and tone you up in just 3 classes. You really can see the difference in just 3 sessions!

For more info on each class please click on the icons above.

Absolutely loving retro aerobics and body pump!! I have always hated exercise but Cath and Vicky make the classes so much fun and I really look forward to each session. Now looking forward to going to the new 90's and 00's disco dance classes with Jade !! Xx
NicolaTregidgo - Vfit Member