Billy Quitco

Billy Quitco is an inspiring, delicious, Filipino fireball with an infectious personality, incredible dance skills and an unrivaled ability to make people feel at home.

Billy Q comes to us direct from the unbeatable training of Hayley Care, Owner and Founder of H Dance Fitness. Billy makes you feel at home, welcome and most important;y at ease while you wiggle and giggle your way to the waistline of your dreams. This man is inspiring and delicious - come and meet him Thursdays 10.30am!

Billy Quitco

The amazing, inspiring and just delicious Billy Quitco has joined the Vfit Instructor Family finally. Billy comes to us from the unbeatable training of Hayley Care, Owner and Founder of H Dance Fitness. Billy has been training with Hayley for over 3 years now and she’s finally set him free to roll out her own uniquely choreographed, chart topping dance routines at the One and Only Vfit Centre.

Join Billy for a trip through the charts, learn the moves to all your favourite songs while wiggling and giggling your excess weight away.

Billy has an infectious personality that makes everyone feel at home, welcome and free to be themselves. Build confidence, make friends and loosen off those stiff old hips with Billy Q every Thursday Morning.

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Vicky is a very accomplished massage therapist. Being an athlete herself, she has a great understanding of the toll that training and everyday life can have on the body. The approach Vicky takes is not merely mechanical, but holistic, making treatment educational which is important for long-term health. Vicky is professional yet friendly, making me feel relaxed and comfortable before, during and after treatment. I would highly recommend her to athletes and non-athletes alike.
Helen Ivey - Vfit Member