Vicky Church

Proud owner of Vfit
Advanced Instructor
VTCT Sports Massage Therapist
Bootcamp Leader
Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher

Live life to the full in a body that's fit enough for the job, with a mind healthy and happy enough to achieve whatever you want. I believe Fun, Fitness and Wellbeing are essential to living a life you love. At Vfit we love life so come and surround yourself with happy, healthy, like-minded people in an inspirational environment.

Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
VTCT Sports Massage Therapist
Level 3&4 Yoga Teacher
Hot Yoga Teacher
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Trained
Kettle Bell Instructor
Jordan Extreme Circuits Instructor
Body Pump Instructor
Spinning Instructor
Blast FX Instructor
Fight FX Instructor
Boxercise Instructor
Tae Kwon Do Instructor
ASA Swimming Instructor
Distinguishing what barriers are preventing people from achieving their goals
Addressing and resolving a multitude of sports injuries/postural issues that are impeding exercise
Class Instructing, Yoga Teaching, Personal Training and Bootcamp Leading
I am committed to providing a fun packed, friendly yet kick ass workout at each and every class.
Being a professional athlete and experienced sports academic I have the ability to accurately gauge when you are working to the right limit for you, giving me the ability to be able to push you just to the edge of your maximum – but never beyond it.
I quickly assess the areas of your Health and Wellbeing that are lacking so you can work on the areas that really matter – making a long lasting positive impact on your body and ultimately your mind! Generally addressing diet, running style, sleep patterns, stress levels and the type of exercise you do makes a whole world of difference in how much you enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Exercise variation, body composition, metabolic rate and diet are all key in analysing and assessing each persons individual needs.  With Vfit classes you’re not just getting a 1 hour class you’re getting our full care and attention.  Your Health and Wellness is catered for on a total holistic basis, we will do whatever we can within our power to help you be happy with your body, fitness levels, energy, vitality and most importantly your self confidence.
You only get one life, one body and one mind, be kind to yourself, fuel your body like it’s a Ferrari it’ll be carrying you around for the best part of 90 years and in return you’ll have vitality and wellness your whole life.
Laugh, giggle and wiggle your way to a healthy, happy body and mind with the crazy crew at Vfit 🙂 xx
Vicky, you are amazing. After six weeks of moping around on crutches and trying to 'rest', I have a one hour (pretty painful!) massage with you and I'm feeling rather hopeful of running at bootcamp. Thank you! :)
Vickie Hugh-Jones - Vfit Bootcamper