Ten reasons why Yoga is good for men!


Tight shoulders? Stiff back? Take your yoga medicine and self-heal so you get back to your ultimate state!

I’ve noticed that the majority of yoga classes are filled predominantly by women, which is a shame because it is so beneficial to men, and the men that do go really love it. Perhaps men who don’t know much about Vinyasa yoga think that it might be too easy or relaxing for them. Yet I’ve witnessed big, muscly weight-lifter types collapsing in heaps of sweat during a Vinyasa sequence so that’s certainly not the case! So I thought I’d write down a few points as to why more men should give yoga a try;

1. Yoga reduces toxins in the muscles
A lot of guys don’t do stretching, so toxins tend to build up in their muscles. Yoga is all about stretching all the various muscle groups to release built up toxins in the body. Overtraining in any sport can cause repetitive stress and other, more serious injuries. Yoga is a full-body workout that creates both strength and flexibility and you need to have both. One without the other is no bueno!

2. You’ll work different muscle groups
A lot of men tend to repeat the same movements in sport, at work, or in the weights section at the gym. Yoga offers a way to build strength in different areas. You’ll soon notice a shift in your body, and see muscles you never knew you had! It’s great for your upper body – just holding a plank in a basic yoga sequence is an incredible upper-body workout. As for your core; regular sit-ups and crunches only take you so far, because
they are repetitive and your body becomes familiar with the movement. Yoga helps you use and develop your core in relation to your other muscles and body parts, which is what really tones and lengthens.

3. You will burn calories
If you take a Vinyasa class (like I teach!) or something similar, it raises your heart rate and you will burn a lot of calories that will help you lose weight. It’s also not as hard on your joints as running is. Plus the ultimate state of health Yoga guides you towards will have you intuitively picking the right food for your body type!

4. Yoga is great for stress relief
A lot of guys hold stress and don’t necessarily deal with it in a healthy way. Yoga helps you leave your stress at the door, and take some time to rebalance and restore. I like to think of it as a meditation in motion that will help you clear your mind from your stress-filled work-day. A regular practice will help you concentrate and relax, which will pay off at work, at home, and in every other area of your life. If you’re having trouble sleeping, yoga helps quieten the mind from the incessant chatter up there which is a major part of what’s keeping you up. It also rinses out any bad energy from the day so you don’t bring it into bed with you.

5. It’s great for pain-relief
If you have sore or stiff muscles, yoga does great things to relax and relieve the tension areas of the body. Men often suffer from tightness, particularly in the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders that can lead to injury or weakness. That stuff that feels like concrete between your shoulder blades doesn’t need to be there! If you come to my class, feel free to come and tell me before the class starts where you’re stiff or achey and I’ll try and incorporate some specific stretches to suit your ailment!

6. It will give you an edge in other sports
Professional athletes do yoga to gain any extra advantage they can get. It’s all about getting in the ‘flow-state’ where you can be at your best! Plus, your body will feel younger and more agile.

7. You’ll feel better
“I really wish I hadn’t gone to that yoga class” was said by noone ever! Yoga helps you sweat and release serotonin in the brain, which will improve your mood. It will also improve your confidence because you’ll be in better shape. Plus there’s the moving-meditation aspect of it which makes you feel calm and optimistic.

8. Yoga will help improve your strength & balance
We don’t use any weights other than that of our own physique, and a lot of the postures require that you coordinate your entire body in order to get into the pose. This helps strengthen all the muscles throughout your body.

A lot of the postures in yoga work on improving your balance, this not only helps you in other sports but in all areas of your life; concentration, focus, the very act of steadying yourself in a tricky balancing act sends fireworks off in the brain as it attempts to gain control over the body.

9. It’s the perfect hangover cure!
Love going out but dread the next day? Yoga is the best way to detox all of the toxins out of your body. It makes you sweat and as you go into the twists, like squeezing a dirty dish-towel, you are cleansing your internal organs, aiding your body’s natural detox mechanisms to function to the best of their ability.

10. Romance!
If you’re in a relationship, go with your partner to yoga! It’s a fun way to try new things together and they’ll definitely approve! If you’re single, refer to the opening statement of this article; yoga classes are full of women!! Go get ’em!

So there are just a few reasons why men should give yoga a try! It might feel odd or difficult at first but we all know the mind bulks at discipline, be curious and positive. Honestly don’t worry if you find it too difficult! You’ll soon figure it out and the best thing about yoga is you’re allowed to lie down whenever you want! (google savasana). Don’t write it off and hear that negative voice inside saying “This isn’t for me” or “I’m not flexible enough” – that’s like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath! Yoga is a tonic for life for everyone to take advantage of!

Romy Xx

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Vicky, you are amazing. After six weeks of moping around on crutches and trying to 'rest', I have a one hour (pretty painful!) massage with you and I'm feeling rather hopeful of running at bootcamp. Thank you! :)
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