Blast HIIT

This high intensity kick-ass workout from Blast HIIT is the fastest way to get real results in record time. VFit Instructors take you through a killer multi-peak cardiovascular workout.

Blast HIIT is THE daddy of all Vfit workouts, this high intensity torture is endorsed by the entire Vfit Instructor team because we’ve all experience the outstanding results it provides. Guaranteed to incinerate body fat and provide long lean muscles mass in minutes!

This workout is the fastest way to get real results in record time.  Your Vfit Instructor will take you through a multi-peak cardiovascular workout, combining dynamic bodyweight exercises, explosive plyometric and high intensity interval training with periods of killer conditioning that leave your body burning.  Created with minimal rest periods that keep you moving continually to enable you to recover quicker even when your body is exhausted.  Ramping the cardio to the limits of your lung capacity you will smash through the ceiling of your Vo2 Max and obliterate normal fitness training with lungs and legs of steel.

Not for the faint hearted but ideal as a goal to work towards for those new to exercise or just getting back in to it.  Ideal for athletes and people already regularly participating in sport.  Rugby, football, hockey, basketball, running, martial arts and even ballet – this class is the key to raising your game.

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What to expect 

  • Jumping, leaping, bounding
  • Press ups, burpees, mountain climbers
  • A multitude of body weight exercises
  • Speed, agility and quickness training
  • Peripheral Heart Training
  • Core stability
  • Single leg and multi plane movements
  • Find and work muscles you never knew you had
  • Reach fitness levels you never thought possible
  • 800-100 calories obliterated per session
  • You’ll leave astounded at what you’ve achieved

Who is this class suitable for?

People with a high base level of fitness and those able to jump, we can and do offer adaptions for most people but if have hip or knee problems this class from a safety and enjoyment perspective probably isn’t for you but that’s not to say you couldn’t work up to it.

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    Blast FX£6.50

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Really benefiting from the classes I have been taking. I can now see a difference !! The guys taking the classes are fantastic, professional whilst still making the classes fun and friendly. Great mix of other people in each class.... Well worth giving it a go !!
Bini Barnes - Vfit Member