Yoga & Fitness Classes Cornwall

  • Hot Yoga

    Hot Yoga is a fantastic way to regain lost flexibility, heal old injuries or ailments and to help realign physical imbalances allowing you to feel younger, restoring full mobility so you can live life to the full.

  • Warm Yoga

    Warm Yoga combines injury rehabilitation and some of the most important yoga poses to correct alignment, lengthening and strengthening muscles to enable a greater range of movement throughout your whole body leaving you feel freer, younger, fitter and stronger.

  • Metafit

    Metafit - the original body fat shredder! Get lean in just 30mins with this monster of a workout! Guaranteed to leave you shattered, exhilarated and buzzing for your next class...

  • Yoga Strong

    Yoga Strong - A fusion of yoga and light weights using a combination of yoga poses, primal movement, essential mobility drills and alignment and symmetry training.

  • Kettle Cardio

    Kettle Cardio mashes together all of the most important aspects of health and fitness in to this mighty 45min workout. Cardio, plyo, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance make up this homegrown Vfit belly busting giant. Moderate intensity 16+ only. Unmissable!

  • Blast HIIT

    This high intensity kick-ass workout from Blast HIIT is the fastest way to get real results in record time. VFit Instructors take you through a killer multi-peak cardiovascular workout.

  • Strong Nation

    Zumba Strong - where the music is built round the moves! The first of it's kind, come and try this high intensity, fat burner workout. Nothing like Zumba dance, a brand new class to hit the fitness market. addictive, exhilarating and loads of fun!

Why Vfit Yoga & Fitness Classes?

Vfit Yoga Classes are not based on the traditional Eastern style of deliver – Vicky gained her Yoga teachers qualification (Level 5 NVQ) through Group Ex training. This course was extremely focused on Anatomy and Physiology and the mechanics of movement opposed to the more spiritual side. Having had many injuries and treated people in severe pain, Vicky’s main priority with Yoga is to first and foremost get people moving pain free, after that we then focus on how to breathe properly – no stress and panic breathing, then we focus on re-strengthening the body in a systematic fashion. Ensuring agonist/antagonist symmetry and the recruitment of all muscles not just prime movers and the big boy muscles.

Often people are in pain so assume they need to stretch and it’s rarely the case, with over 10 years experience as an injury therapist and 15 years as a pro athlete sustaining many injuries Vicky takes time to watch how each client moves during class and offers personal suggestions on what needs to be stretched and what needs to be activated/strengthened. This scientific, personal approach is the thing that sets Vfit Yoga apart from other practitioners. Well that and the fact we converse during all classes while working, so we can learn and understand our bodies and better tune in to our issues.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your aches, pains, and injuries or you’re an athlete/sports person and would like to move faster, more effectively causing less niggles then get yourself booked for a session of Yoga. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Vfit Fitness Classes

We are just about to welcome back some of our fav fitness classes – look out for Metafit, Zumba Strong, Boxercise and Kettle Cardio. These classes will all be taught by hand picked and highly reputable fitness instructors from around Cornwall. Passionate, friendly and industry leaders in their chosen field.

People we work with:
Kylie Sullivan – Zumba and Zumba Strong
Vicky Church – Metafit, Kettle Cardio and Boxercise
Mel Evans – Boxercose and Kettle Cardio
Ash Davies – Bootcamp, runner and endurance running specialist
Chris Laws – Osteopath
Steve Bloor – Podiatrist
Paul Coker – Physiotherapist

Vicky, you are amazing. After six weeks of moping around on crutches and trying to 'rest', I have a one hour (pretty painful!) massage with you and I'm feeling rather hopeful of running at bootcamp. Thank you! :)
Vickie Hugh-Jones - Vfit Bootcamper