Yoga Strong

Yoga Strong - A fusion of yoga and light weights using a combination of yoga poses, primal movement, essential mobility drills and alignment and symmetry training.

Yoga Strong Inspired by Vicky’s journey retiring from being a professional sports person.

There is a gap in fitness where we wither do lots of yoga and get bendy, sometimes hypermobile and or just very flexible – this is great but often leads to joint instability, a reduction in bone density and a dangerous reduction in muscle mass. As we age these things are crucial to keep us healthy and fit for life in to our later years. The other side of this is where we do oodles of fitness, cardio, plyo, weights and are in fab shape BUT have terrible range of movement, a lack of symmetry in our muscles leading to repetitive injuries and a general feeling of being tight and wonky. I can now hand on heart say I’ve tried both. 20 years as an athlete and 6 years doing just yoga and I have to admit one of these training systems is just not enough! We need to be doing both to have joint stability, a heathy amount of bone density, good strong muscles to support our frame AND a healthy range of flexibility in ALL planes of movement. There are of course the exceptions to the rule – gymnasts, calisthenics athletes and the rare true functional trainers.

This class combines the extraordinary benefits of yoga with weights through multiple planes of movement. We will combine some of my favourite exercises like Cossack lunges, full range back bends and single led deadlifts with a fusion of warrior 3, triangle, yoga lunges and many other poses and rehabilitative techniques I’ve learnt through years of injuring and fixing myself. Think Yoga with weight, through movement with full range while doing primal movements.

This class will come with a pre screening to determine suitability.

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Cost  £10

Booking/Cancellation Bookings are available 28 days in advance, an 8 hour cancellation is applicable as with all Vfit Classes.

***I’m really excited to work with you all to unpick those last few bits of tightness and restore symmetry and full body postural alignment***

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I'm actually enjoying exercise for the 1st time ever! Brilliant classes, fantastic instructors who really motivate. Cheers guys!
Tanya James - Vfit Member