Warm Yoga

Warm Yoga combines injury rehabilitation and some of the most important yoga poses to correct alignment, lengthening and strengthening muscles to enable a greater range of movement throughout your whole body leaving you feel freer, younger, fitter and stronger.

Warm Yoga combines injury management rehabilitation with traditional yoga poses, taught by Vicky Church Advanced Sports Massage Therapist and Ex Professional Athlete.  In this class we move through some of the most important Yoga poses correcting alignment, lengthening and strengthening muscles to enable a greater range of movement throughout your whole body.

Life these days demands the impossible of us and our bodies tend to take the toll most of the time: Driving, carrying children, working at a desk, housework, manual labour, building etc and doing anything really that’s greatly repetitive leads to dysfunctional movement patterns.  With over 8 years postural and injury management experience I have designed this class specifically with the use of yoga poses in a warm environment to tackle the issues we’ve accrued over the years.

The room is heated to 20-25 Degree Celsius to enable a greater range of movement and comfort. Using both standing, seated and partner stretches we systematically work the entire body from top to bottom finishing with 5-10 mins of deep breathing and meditative relaxation.

This class is suitable for beginners and anyone looking to increase flexibility and or unpick injuries and postural problems.

Booking is essential and you can book 2 weeks in advance. Bring a towel and drink, mats ARE provided and if it’s your first class please arrive 10 mins before the scheduled start time.

All other participants MUST arrive 5 mins before the start of the class. Late arrivals will NOT be permitted.

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I love the attitude, atmosphere and vision. From the first week I joined the vfit Bootcamp, I did wonder what I let myself in for. Every week did get harder, but so did I. The rewards speak for yourself. You get out what you put in. Vicky, Mel, Trev and Kath Hugh thank you. Love my new health style change. Although I will be eating the occasion pasty. The diet and nutrition plan is so easy to follow, and I've not starve myself, and energy to burn. I'll keep the good work, thank you for giving me the push start to the new me. Love Hayley x
Hayley Stringer - Vfit Bootcamper