Race for Life May 2015

7:30 pm

27th May 2015

Let's beat Cancer once and for all - Walk, Run, Skip the 5k bring your dogs, kids, push chairs what ever you like. Together let's get this sucker :) xx

Hi Ladies,

The Vfit Centre will be entering the Penzance Race for Life this May 27th 7.30pm.

We’ve all be affected by the destruction of Cancer in one way or another. My mum had bowel Cancer, has had her entire bowel removed BUT has beaten Cancer. I’ll be running and raising in honour of her bravery and recovery.

If you’d like to help beat cancer please join us in entering this awesome event, just click on the link below.


Much Love Vicky
Proud owner of Vfit xxx

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Vicky, you are amazing. After six weeks of moping around on crutches and trying to 'rest', I have a one hour (pretty painful!) massage with you and I'm feeling rather hopeful of running at bootcamp. Thank you! :)
Vickie Hugh-Jones - Vfit Bootcamper