Trev Lampshire

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Level 3 Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
Bootcamp Leader
Body Pump Instructor
Boxerise Teacher
VTCT Level 3 Sports Massage
Ex Royal Marine!!!
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Body Pump
Keiser Spinning
Blast FX
Exercise variation through Bootcamp, Classes and PT
Trevor… What can we say! Our very own real life Ex-Royal Marine, It’s safe to say that the ‘Ex’ is used very loosely around Vfit 😉
This fitness maniac is one of the best and most hardcore instructors in the County, Trev decided 9 weeks before the 44 mile Classic Quarter that he’d ‘Give to a go’ baring in mind that most people train for a good year for a normal marathon to get their legs accustomed to the mileage not to mention the coastal paths and all terrain he was to face – but at the end of Marine basic training they have to complete a 36 mile weighted survival exercise in hideous weather conditions, over extreme terrain with no food and minimal equipment so Trev took this challenge in his stride.
You may also know him from Truro because after the Marine Trev managed the office night club (slight change of career) but quickly realised that he needed to get back to his roots in Health and Fitness so put himself through numerous courses became a Gym Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Training and Bootcamp Leader.
Everyone at Vfit will openly say that Trev’s classes are killer but good tunes coupled with a rare but well timed smile from the mighty Marine will keep you going long enough to push through any barrier you may have previously had.
So pop along and see Trev in action – He teaches Body Pump (watch your ears he shouts like a drill sergeant), Blast FX and Boxercise.  Trev also has an extensive background in Thai Boxing, Boxing and MMA so you’re guaranteed the pick up some nifty, super professional tricks from his classes.
So happy about my progress!! Thank u so much vfit u r the best! ! Looking forward to getting a fitter more well toned body !! U lift my confidence !! Xxx all the best Billy :)
Billy Quitco - Vfit Member