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5th July 2022
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Get back to basics with the raw food diet

Ok so where do you get your carbs? Fruit and veg. Fruit especially has all the carbs you’ll ever need to live and thrive as an athlete. As well as healthy amounts of fat and protein. Vegetables have plenty of the micronutrients you’ll need, but there aren’t enough calories in fruit are there? How many…

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20th May 2014
Healthy Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Prawn and Avocado Salad Salad leaves (must include spinach), 4 baby tomatoes cut in half, 8 slices of cucumber, Broccoli pieces, Small handful of Kidney beans, 2 baby Sweetcorn, ½ Avocado, 2 slices of Red onion diced, Sunflower or pumpkins seeds, ¼ Pepper, 5 Sugar snap peas, 8 Pecan halves, Hemp oil dressing and lemon…

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20th May 2013
Healthy Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Vegetable Savoury Rice (meat can also be added) ½ Red Onion sliced, ¼ Pepper cubed, 1 Baby corn sliced, Small hand full of garden peas, ¼ Courgette cut into quarters, ¼ Carrot diced, 2 diced ripe tomatoes, Tomato passata, 2oz Rice, Cook the onion, and add the diced ripe tomatoes courgettes and passata and cook until reduced…

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20th May 2013
Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Natural recipes and food ideas for every occasion * Recipes and tips provided by Donna and Kathryn Breakfast Ideas Cooked Breakfast Wow how about this for a healthy alternative to the Great English Breakie. Poached egg, Mushrooms with spinach, Grilled tomato halves or plum tomatoes, Baked Beans, Wholemeal bread or sautéed potatoes (boiled potatoes, sliced and…

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20th May 2013
So happy about my progress!! Thank u so much vfit u r the best! ! Looking forward to getting a fitter more well toned body !! U lift my confidence !! Xxx all the best Billy :)
Billy Quitco - Vfit Member