Kernow Killer 2019

9:30 am

26th October 2019

Kernow Killer 2019

Bought to you by Cornwall Sports Events; an assault course designed to use the tough Cornish landscape to push you to your limits.

A lot of people run to see who is the fastest. At the Kernow Killer it’s to see who has the most guts, and can punish themselves into exhaustion.

Nestled within 400 acres of woodland,farmland and parkland, the Kernow Killer is situated within the stunning Chyverton Park Country Estate.

Two courses:

1) Kernow Killer: 9-10 miles; 1 lap; 50+ obstacles; Saturday 26th October 2019
2) Kernow Destroyer: 4-5 miles; 1 lap; 25+ obstacles; Saturday 26th October 2019

All courses are gruelling and dependent on your mental state differing in distances; you will be faced with obstacles to climb, scramble through, wade across, swim either over or under; any means may be necessary. These obstacles will use the challenging natural landscape to push boundaries, and we have built man made obstacles to really sort the men from the boys!

These gruelling miles will test your physical and mental strength and will bring a new meaning to the word ‘pain’. At Kernow Killer we believe there is one thought that can help you through these miles:


Absolutely loving retro aerobics and body pump!! I have always hated exercise but Cath and Vicky make the classes so much fun and I really look forward to each session. Now looking forward to going to the new 90's and 00's disco dance classes with Jade !! Xx
NicolaTregidgo - Vfit Member