St Ives Triathlon

7:30 am

11th October 2015

St Ives Triathlon

Sunday 11 October – Sprint Distance – Pool Based

The St Ives Triathlon is the sixth and final race of the Cornwall Triathlon Series 2015.

Entries have now closed and we will not be accepting entries on the day.

Competitor Information Pack

Start List

St Ives Triathlon Results

Please note that following a risk assessment review of the cycle route we have now made the right turn on to the B3306 at just before 8 miles a Compulsory Foot Down.

Event Details

Race Headquarters:  St Ives Leisure Centre

Entry Fee:   £32 (BT Members) £37 (Non BT Members)

Start Time: 8.00am

Swim – 400m

Swim takes place in St Ives Leisure Centre swimming pool.

Cycle – 14 miles

The cycle negotiates the rolling coast road towards Land’s End before returning to St Ives.

Link to St Ives Cycle Route

Run – 3 miles

The run starts at the Leisure Centre, follows the road around the area of the Secondary School and returns to the Leisure Centre to finish.

Link to St Ives Run Route

Please read the Event Documentation page prior to entry.

Please see Cornwall Triathlon Series for details about other qualifying events.

Vicky, you are amazing. After six weeks of moping around on crutches and trying to 'rest', I have a one hour (pretty painful!) massage with you and I'm feeling rather hopeful of running at bootcamp. Thank you! :)
Vickie Hugh-Jones - Vfit Bootcamper